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He was fortunate to be raised in a clown family. As a second generation clown he grew up making people laugh! He provides a style of in your face comedy that will leave your crowd wanting more. You can often find him along the fence or within the crowd during the per formance and always readily available during an unexpected delay in the show. Trent has the largest selection of high quality acts going in the sport of rodeo today. He believes that a clown should have more than just a silly costume or some dance moves.

For this very reason, he is continually adding new exiting acts that are filled with good, clean, crisp, comedy… and are just plain fun! I was blessed to learn from a man very good at his profession. However, when most dads are teaching their sons how to hit a baseball or throw a football, my dad was teaching me how to put on makeup????

I only had to work the arena for a few very terrifying years before I got my first Clown Barrel.


Clown Safety Tips. Report any suspicious activity to authorities, including social media activity. Listen to messages from police and school officials. What's with all the clowns everywhere?

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Actually, yes. As much as this clown craze has been rife with hoaxes and false alarms, there have also been some legitimate incidents where costumed people have been caught trying to intimidate or attack others. On Wednesday, a teenager said a person in a clown suit chased him out of a New York subway station while brandishing a knife.

On Thursday, officials in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said a man was attacked by a clown while walking his dog. The assailant reportedly wrestled him to the ground, and hit him enough to cause scrapes and bruising.

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Other incidents from around the country range from a robbery allegedly committed by someone in a clown mask to generic social media threats of clowns coming to attack schools or public places. On Tuesday, Texas State University in San Marcos announced a person dressed in a clown outfit assaulted someone outside of a university housing complex. A university statement reminded students to be "aware of [their] surroundings" and to call the University Police Department to report any suspicious activity.

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To be clear, while some of these occurrences have been violent and dangerous, most clown reports we've seen have merely involved mischief and noncredible social media threats. Schools are communicating with parents, and issuing rules and disciplinary actions if necessary. How to follow the Clown Commandments Obviously, schools have to take threats seriously, even if it turns out it's just some kids having a laugh at everyone's expense. Schools around the country have been responding to threats by notifying parents, students and local law enforcement.

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A threat made by a clown-themed Facebook page toward Westwood High School in Houston prompted a letter from the principal. Some areas have taken more intense precautions. New Haven Public Schools in New Haven, Connecticut, banned all clown costumes on school grounds due to the uptick in social media threats. Law enforcement officials are investigating alleged crimes, but are also urging the public to stay calm and not engage in clown mischief.

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Creepy sightings? It's enough to make a clown fight back. Police departments in clown-affected areas have made two things clear: They're vigilant, but not worried, and they really want people to stop pulling stupid clown stunts.

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Police departments from North Carolina to Michigan have issued warnings to pranksters, discouraging them from "copycat" clown crimes. The Roselle Park Police Department in New Jersey has asked parents to avoid letting their teenagers dress up as clowns for Halloween -- not only for the well-being of others, but also for their own well-being. In other words, while actual clown threats appear to be few and far between, the panic they cause and the copycat crimes they inspire could pose a real problem.