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As soon as I realized what I was making out I directed my full attention and it was back to photos of a car show. As they day went on I though nothing of it and proceeded continue my work until I was bringing another customers pc to the back to work on and again from my peripheral I could have sworn I saw a bloody body in bound in a trunk of a car. At that moment I began to freak out. I grabbed one of my employees explained to him the situation. We then sat for 10 minutes and watched this screen saver It is against company policy to search through the clients personal files without absolute just cause.

We then proceeded to see a photo 2 bodies in a shallow grave out in the woods and another photo of a severed hand down in kitchen drawer. I then went and got the general manager and informed him of the situation and had him view this screen saver. We then felt that I would be in everyone's best interest to contact Law Enforcement. In about 15 minutes later owner of the computer and another gentleman show up I proceed to tell him that his computer is not ready and it will be awhile.

He then informs me that he was called there because someone reported there was some photographs of a grisly murder that we had found. I showed him his computer and then his partner then begins to laugh at him. Apparently he went against Police policy and took some of his work home with him and had never noticed his work photos were being used as a screen saver. TLDR a Detective unknowingly brings me his computer filled with gory homicide pictures that get mixed in with his screen saver.

I soil myself thinking I am dealing with a murder, Call the cops and the Detective returns to investigate his own computer. I was living with my now mother in law in a house she had just purchased a few months before. We had all had various weird "feelings" or experiences in the house but two really really stick out.

Collectively, there were three dogs living in the house at the time. One evening we are all sitting with our backs to the hallway this is significant watching a movie. All the sudden my German Shepherd and my terrier both perk up their ears and start staring down the hallway behind where we are sitting. I mean, full attention. I notice and turn around the light in the hall was off, it was dark but of course don't see anything.

Five mins later, they're still staring and now growling. This time my wife and I turn around and we both watch as the light switch on the wall gets flipped to 'on'. A few weeks later. Same scenario, light is off and we are watching a movie. My German Shepherd loved to play fetch and we always had a million balls around to entertain her. This time, she's staring down the hallway and wagging her damn tail. This time, we all notice again and start to watch. I swear to God, a ball, single orange tennis ball came rolling down the hallway towards her. We all went white. There were a few others but Jesus I hated that hallway.

It never felt like a bad energy but my feeble little brain was still scared nonetheless. Edit: One more story My mom in law was having these dreams a few weeks after moving in about the house catching on fire and burning to the ground with us all inside. About three weeks after these dreams we woke up one morning and distinctly smelled smoke coming from the house somewhere. Panicked, we all started searching and eventually came to the garage.

On a rafter, we noticed a smoke coming out from around a flouresecent light fixture. At that moment I realized The light was left on all night and it was clearly burning the rafter ever so slightly. So we like to think our ghost hosts were looking out for all of us. After that, her dreams stopped. It sucks this is so far down the thread. Thats a wild story. A scary story doesnt need much detail to be really terrifying. A dogs reaction is always spooky because they dont have hyperactive imaginations and are not susceptible to persuasions. Even more scary is that whatever was in your hallways can manipulate physical objects.

This thing could touch you, grab you, etc. I was about 17, and was in my bedroom crying my eyes out over something. Home could be difficult at times, and that evening I was really upset. I really needed someone to talk to, but the only phone in the house was downstairs where my parents were so calling a friend wasn't an option. I didn't know what to do to deal with the crap I was trying to live with and really felt that it couldn't go on for much longer.

I remember thinking "please, someone, just help me! There was definitely no-one in the room with me it was a tiny room and I had my back to a chest of drawers. And then I felt a something on my left shoulder, as if someone was standing behind me and resting their hand on me. I could feel the weight of each individual finger, and the palm cupping my shoulder, and I could feel warmth from it.

It didn't scare me, but it was enough to stop me crying. I guess the feeling lasted for a minute or so and then just stopped. My aunt had the same thing happen to her in college. She was sitting alone in her dorm on her bed, crying into her hands when she felt the weight and sensation of a hand on her shoulder. She always felt that it was her deceased grandmother assuring her everything would be ok. She says it calmed her down, like it did you. I had something similar happen as a teen. The woman who had raised me had just passed away, and I was distraught as I packed to move out.

I sat down outside where we used to chat, and I just cried. Ugly, deep sobs from my soul. I just wanted her back, I needed her. I didn't want to leave. I felt her bony hand on my shoulder, felt every swollen joint and long nail. I instinctively reached up for it and nothing was there, but the feeling remained. I've had a similar experience. I got lost at the zoo and couldn't find my parents when I was around 8.

I felt someone take my hand but I could see that no one was there. It was a nice feeling and they led me back to my parents. Not the only benevolent experience I've had but it shows that there are kind ones that make you feel good, even if you don't know what's happening. I shared a room with a guy in college who was a musician.

Our room was a straight shot through kitchen from the front door. One night I woke up to the bedroom door opening and figured it was just my roommate coming home after a gig. I thought it was strange that he turned the light on when coming in. My bed was twin sized positioned against the wall connecting the bedroom to the kitchen. When he came in, I was facing the wall. I heard him go to his side of the room, opposite of my bed, and rustle around his desk and dresser looking for something. Then I felt him start reaching under my bed. I kept a few things under there, but he would normally ask before straight up taking anything of mine.

At that point I was really confused and annoyed by all this, so I made it a point to passive aggressively roll over on my other side and face the middle of the room and the direction from where he was reaching so he knew I was pissed that he was ruining my beauty sleep. Then I heard nothing.

But I could feel he shot up from under the bed and was just standing there. I never opened my eyes, but I figured he would either apologize for waking me up or something. But he never said a word. He just stood there. After probably two minutes with the light still on, I heard him leave the room and go to the kitchen. I opened my eyes after a couple more minutes because he left the light on in the bedroom. I called my roommate to see if he had been home but he was miles away at a party. He still had his house keys and never gave them to anyone else prior.

I must have accidentally left the door unlocked that evening, which was the one time someone decided to check the knob. Police never followed up with me after that night so I doubt they ever caught the guy. TL;DR - Someone walked into my bedroom while I was still asleep, stole my stuff, and watched me from the side of my bed. Your story is creepier than drawers banging or black faceless shadowmen.

I'm glad you didn't get stabbed to death that night over a few possessions. I was driving to pick up my friend from the airport around 10 at night. His girlfriend was also with me as she wanted to see him as soon as possible. We were going down some dark, super lonely back road. I've never been that way before, but i was following good old apple maps.

Eventually we came up alongside a train that was matched with our speed, so we couldn't see out past it on the right side of the car. After a couple minutes of that, we came upon a train yard on our left. A very spooky,very generic horror movie train yard. Nothing crazy yet, except for the fact that it went on and on and on. We probably spent 10 minutes driving at 45 miles an hour down a dark back road with a train yard on our left and a train on our right blocking the view. Eventually we made it back into society and picked up my friend from the airport. We told him all about the spooky train yard and train and were excited to drive back and show him just how much it was like a generic horror film.

We drove back down the same roads. It wasn't there. There were no trains on the tracks now on our left. Friend's girlfriend and I flipped out. We swore up and down we drove right along the train yard for a long time. The drive home felt much shorter. We lived in a house a few years back, and random things would just go missing, then they'd turn up somewhere else. We never really thought hard on it cause they were never expensive or important things, so because of this none of us ever mentioned it to each other. Fast forward and mum loses an earring.

Not a huge deal but it's a nice dangly pair she wears frequently. Maybe a month later I come home and find it perfectly laid out in the middle of the ground at the end of a high traffic hallway it has 3 doors at the end. Take a photo and show mum when she gets back, give her back her earring and we discuss the oddity. I mention that lately I've been misplacing random inconsequential stuff like staplers, and she looks at me and she goes that's weird Me too. Our housemate gets home and we mention it and he goes 'oh man so weird, my razor vanished for a while and I found it back on my sink one day'.

So basically we're all convinced there was a friendly ghost attached to that house that just misplaced things to let us know they were present. I was 15ish and babysitting a neighbor girl down the road from my parents house. The house was older, but I never thought it was "creepy. Once the girl went to bed, I sat in the living room and was watching TV. The dog started freaking out, but instead of barking at the door like normal, she started barking at the corner of the room.

Then she would run to another room and bark and come back to where I was like she was following something. Finally she stayed the the kitchen barking for a solid 2 minutes. Afraid that she was going to wake the girl up, I went into the kitchen to quiet her down. When I walked in I froze and saw that every single cabinet door in the kitchen was open. All of them! I grabbed the dog and ran the the living room. After she stopped barking, I went back into the kitchen and closed everything. Thankfully the dad finally came home soon after.

I refused to go back and my parents never believed me. I still get freaked out when I think about it. In one case, it was a furnace leaking carbon monoxide; in another, the owners had combined medications and inadvertently created a hallucinogen. I am from the indian town of bhubaneswar. I have never quite believed in super natural or anything outside the purview of science. This creepy incident happened the time my grandmother died.

Being a traditional family we performed numerous rituals for her so called heavenly abode to be pleasant. One of these rituals was the preservation of lights inside a closed container. Meanwhile there will be a container placed in our home in her room where she used to live which will be filled with sand upto a certain level and a lighted earthen lamp is supposed to be put and the whole container will be covered completely and the room is locked from outside for no one to enter the room till the sons arrive back to home and then unlock the room. Apparently there are supposed to be shapes formed on the sand which will tell the path that she will take to the heaven.

I was also told that when my grandfather died the shape formed was that of a ladder which was interpreted as him going to heaven in a ladder or steps. Cut to when my father and his brothers returned from the holy city of puri and and the room was unlocked and the container was opened after that and what i saw surprised and creeped me out : i could clearly see wheel shapes being formed on all the sides of the earthen lamp called deep in my language the wheel shapes were not barely visible.

I even took a photo. They were clearly visible : grandmother lighting set up pic. It's really interesting to read stories from non-American cultures on reddit, thanks so much for sharing!! I don't smoke and I don't have many friends who do, but I keep several ashtrays at home, just in case. So, one day, about a year ago, I was looking for some papers and I found one of those ashtrays in one of the cupboards. It was completely empty and quite clean, btw. I was pretty busy that day, so instead of putting the ashtray back in the cupboard, I just laid it on the kitchen table and went to do some repair work in the garage.

I returned inside the house about an hour later, and the ashtray, still lying on the kitchen table, was filled with cigarette ash. No cigarette butts, just ash. I felt a faint scent of cigarette smoke in the house; definitely not as strong as I would have expected, judging by the amount of ash. Like I said, the ashtray was definitely empty and clean when I found it and put it on the table. I took a kitchen knife and carefully searched the entire house; nobody was there. I checked all the doors and windows; they were locked. Then I searched the house again, checking was any cash or valuables missing, but it was all there.

I called all my friends, even non-smokers, and asked them did they happen to drop by my house that day. They all said no. I also inspected locks for damage, but there didn't appear to be any. I changed locks, just in case, and had trouble sleeping for days afterwards. I actually stored the ash into the bag, and I still keep it in the drawer, just in case.

Though I doubt it will actually resolve or prove anything. The day after that bizarre incident, a murder took place in my neighborhood. A mentally disturbed girl with a history of drug abuse stabbed a convenience store cashier to death, following an argument over a pack of cigarettes. It is very likely unrelated, but sometimes I wonder. I don't keep spare keys in the yard, in front of the door or anything like that, in case someone is wondering. Not sure if this counts as paranormal exactly but it creeped me and my roommate out. So my roommate and I lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with a shared living space.

I had just laid down in bed to go to sleep for the night and my roommate was still up in the living room doing school work, it was almost midnight. I answer it, expecting a telemarketer. Is this my name? Remember, from high school? I was wondering if you wanted to talk? We listened to it and it kind of sounded like someone breathing maybe?

Or just moving. And then distantly, at the end it sounded like a group of people yelling? But it was distant. For the longest time, I thought I was haunted. Every day, every time I was alone, I'd hear something. It started out pretty innocuous, a few footsteps nearby or a slight rustling of leaves. But as time went on, it got more intense. The footsteps got louder, closer, to the point where I could feel someone on my heels. Bushes that used to lightly rustle twenty feet away were perfectly still until I was inches from them, at which point they'd violently shake like someone was jumping out of them.

Naturally this was freaking me the fuck out, but then something changed. One day, I woke up to find a note slipped under my bedroom door. Nobody besides myself and my landlord had those keys. Not really knowing what else to do, I grabbed a pen and wrote back "OK. From then on, I didn't hear the footsteps anymore. No more rustling of leaves, either. But every now and then, I'd be thinking though something or talking to myself in my head, and I'd hear this wonderfully sweet little giggle. It never surprised me, and it never felt wrong to hear.

Honestly, it kinda felt like when you'd make your crush giggle; there was the same warmth and satisfaction. Whoever this ghost was, we were friends! Over the next several months we became better friends, actually talked, and eventually started to see her. Supernatural, right? No, turns out I'm just mildly schizophrenic. Take care of your mental health, y'all. Nothing major ever happened, just weird noises, opening doors things being in places that makes no sense.

It wasn't until my second year at Uni that i clocked on that I was haunted not the houses , after my housemate suggested it. Anyway, last year I was on the way to my uni house from my job at a bar at about 3am. To get into the house you have to walk down a privately owned alley way.

Just as I reach the entrance to this alley a man runs up behind me and spins me around. He's clearly had a bit too much to drink and starts trying to grab me, touch me up and convince me to remove my t-shirt. Naturally, I'm very uncomfortable and scared. I remember that the window to the house had an alarm that went off if the window was hit. I figured if I could get down the alley and hit the window, my 2 male housemates would wake up and help. Only issue, everytime I walked down the alley he'd grab me again. After maybe 5 minutes of a struggle the man hit me.

Next thing you know, the alarm on the window goes off, waking up my housemates and scaring off the man. Next day the police were called. We gave them access to the CCTV footage at either end of the alley the man was caught on tape but, since most of the incident occurred in the alley, their was not enough evidence to charge. Later that day, my housemates and I decided to check the footage to see what caused the alarm to go off. There was nothing. No bird, cat or any other animal. The alarm just went off. This had never happened before and didn't happen anytime after either.

I'm convinced it was my ghost. It used to freak me out but I'm kinda glad it's around now. When I was in college I house sat for my parents. I had the weirdest dream that someone unlocked each door and turned on every light, I felt cold and woke up to my dog barking. All of the lights in the house were on and every door open and unlocked. I sat in the shower with my dog and a phone the rest of night scared to death.

I too am a huge scaredy cat when I'm alone in my house. I have to quadruple check all the locks on every window and door in my house and ensure all doors are closed before I go to bed. I also make sure I leave the kitchen light on, so that it looks like someones home from the outside. Occasionally I hear random voices in small outbursts of unintelligible words. And by occasionally I mean maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I usually chalk that up to the fact stress can cause auditory hallucinations. This time though, I clearly heard my mom's voice yell my name, like she was right next to me.

I shot up out of bed and all the lights were off. I was half asleep and terrified. Obviously the power had just gone out since it was storming but the scream from my moms voice made it x scarier in the moment. Individuals with exploding head syndrome hear or experience loud imagined noises as they are falling asleep or waking up. March My father passed a month or so earlier. I would be up later and later at night. Power in the house flickers. I check the window, no rain or wind or anything. I figured somebody hit a pole somewhere. Couple minutes later. Power goes out for a second, comes right back on.

Nothing was effected. Which is weird because when power goes out, electronics reset. Check the window again, still nothing happening outside. A couple minutes later, power goes out for almost a whole minute. From the couch, I can see the street light outside is still lit, as well as the other houses on the street. Next morning I wake up for work. The clock on the oven says 11 something am. My phone says It was around 11 when my father left the house the day he passed. Power flickers and goes out. Power comes back on. Next morning, getting ready for work, oven clock says am.

I would walk into the living room and just change the channel on whatever he was watching. My favorite was the house we lived in had terrible wiring so my bedroom light switch controlled everything in the room except the north wall. There were three plugs on the south wall, so the internet router was plugged in in my room.

He would walk by, flip the switch because it would kill the lights and the TV but he would always forget that it killed the internet too. My brother and I were home alone one night watching tv. My mother was working a night shift and father was out. Father came home and pushed he door ajar and poked his head through to say hello, we both turn around and say hello back, father closed door.

Someone broke into my house while I was home, I heard noises and they were half-way in the window of my spare room when I walked in. I said, "Can I help you with something? I called the police to report it, and an hour or so later some officers dropped by and couldn't have cared less and were total assholes. I found out the next day they broke into a bunch of places in my neighborhood after they had been at my place, so technically the police could have acted faster and caught them. In the house I grew up in, it always felt Ike you were being watched.

My older sister was always scared of the attic, especially. She would barricade the door when we were left home alone. I went in the attic quite often to get various things. It always felt like I was being watched, though. One time I went up there, and as I reached the top of the stairs, I saw large, translucent alien-shaped white head looking at me from behind a box. I froze, terrified, and locked eyes with it for a few seconds before it slowly lowered itself down to hide. I turned right back around and left, telling myself I had imagined it, but scared to go in the attic for years after that.

I just visualised your entire story. I used to have this reoccurring nightmare about this lizard man type monster who could see what I could see out of my eyes. So I'd run and hide and he didn't know where I was, but then as soon as I peeked to see if it was safe - he'd know where I was! So I'd have to leave that hiding spot and go find a new one and then it would happen over and over and over again. Very Kafkaesque. But here is the real spooky part I once mentioned the lizard man to my dad, and he got super white in the face and his voice was all shaky and he just said.

The one with the apartments right behind it? That's where I'd always go to hide! It's quite chilling. One afternoon in college I came back from classes and decided to sit on the couch and have a snack. After that I just passed out. I had a nightmare of some bloody faced demon-ish thing screaming in my ear at the top of its lungs. Woke up and went about the rest of my day.

I never told him about my nightmare I had earlier in the day. Nothing ever happened again. Somewhat ironically something happened to me last night. I got home from work very early in the morning, AM. My house has an entryway or mudroom before you actually get into the house. I open the front door, step inside, close front door and proceed to try and find the key to get through the next door to get into my house. So the only light in this entryway is through the glass on the front door, the rest of the room is completely black and I can barely see my hands in front of my face.

All of a sudden I start to hear this House is old so maybe just weird house noises. Still looking for the key when I notice that the noise is getting louder, closer, and it has risen in pitch to something like of a woman was humming loudly. Maybe it's just ringing in my ear. Out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow that I thought was from light reflecting outside, move towards me creeping along the wall I'm shitting my pants trying to open this damn door and when I finally do the noise stops, the shadow disappears and I'm hoping it was all in my head.

My grandmothers house had a very distinct smell. Nothing bad though, just a grandmothers house smell. Anyway, when she came to visit us she always used to sit in a specific chair in the living room. Shortly after she passed away my father, my older sister and myself came home and when we walked into the living room and we all smelled her. My Dad said "hello Ethel" and the smell disappeared. My great grandmother had her rocker and this same thing happened. The night she had passed, my mom and I had already been to visit my grandparents and my great grandmother a couple days.

We all knew her time was coming soon, so we wanted to make it memorable. She even met her first great grand daughter when my cousin brought her daughter to see them. The night after my cousin left with her daughter, I had a dream that I was talking to my great grandmother and she had been sharing some wisdom and saying good bye. My mom woke me up in the middle of that dream, at in the morning, to let me know that she had passed peacefully in her sleep and we needed to say goodbye. Fast forward a couple days past her cremation, we noticed her perfumes scent randomly in the halls, the kitchen, and occasionally hovering around her chair.

My grandfather passed away when I was 8 and my little brother was 2 or 3ish. He had this big lazyboy chair in the living room that he always planted himself in. Everyone knew this chair was "grandpa's chair. Anyway, we went down to my grandparent's house in Florida for a long weekend to attend the funeral, etc. We're all chatting the first night there in the living room, and my mom was sitting in the lazyboy chair. My little brother goes up to my mom and says "Grandpa wants his chair back.

My grandfather passed away when I was 9 and my little brother about 2, and in the first two months or so of his passing everytime my family was all gathered in the living room, at some point my brother would always suddenly stop doing whatever he was doing and just look directly to some place in living room and start pointing and saying 'granpa'. We never really questioned it, and with time it just went away, still can't place my exact feelings about it but it really is something that I certainly will never forget.

The very first hotel that I worked at, I started at the front desk and worked 3pmpm shift. There was someone there with me from 2pmpm, so I always had a little more than an hour where I was alone at the desk. Our kitchen closed at 10pm so usually by pm, it was only the bartender and I still there. One night, it was almost 11pm and there was a huge noise that came from the kitchen area. The bartender and I ran back there and saw that every single pot, pan, ladle, spoon everything else that was hanging from the ceiling racks , were on the ground.

I have no explanation for it other than it was one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me and I could not get out of there fast enough. Did you see all of the things fall to the floor by themselves in the video? That is super scary! Reminds me of that scene in paranormal activity lol. I said the exact same thing.

I looked at the bartender and told her that it reminded me of those movies! It was almost immediately removed. Then a few minutes ago I got an email from a random account saying essentially to knock it off. I had an experience where my best friend and I stood outside her house when we were five or six, playing around for only a few minutes. It was dead quiet for some reason, like the quiet when it has snowed, even though she lived near a busy street and there were cars always passing.

Through the quiet we suddenly hear a mans laugh right next to us but nobody was around. It sounded like a mocking laugh, and we looked around wondering where it came from. I was recently discussing that moment with my best friend and she told me that she would always see a mean old man at the foot of her bed at night when she lived in that house. He would tell her he was going to hurt her and her mother. Once u mentioned the laughing i got a chill down my spine.

When i was young i was looking through my room for something and the pull down blinds on my window just shot up and i got scared but i shrugged it off then as if someone was right behind me and their mouth was next to my ear. I hear a mans laugh and i feel the vibration of their voice on the back of my neck and ear.

Still creeps me out to this day. I find voices to be the creepiest!!! The only other crazy experience that I remember when I was really young and alone going through family pictures and I saw one of my great grandmother. I always think when we were younger we were more in tune with that stuff.

When I was about 5 or 6, I was sitting on the back deck of my family home, an old farm house. I remember this old lady walking up the steps and going straight into the house without acknowledging me. I follow her inside to see who it is and my mom is standing in the kitchen room right off the back deck. I ask her who's here and she gives this confused look.

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Never - we didn't even know she passed away until one of her daughters came over to the house a few months later. It's one of those childhood memories that you'll never forget I see you through the cracks. I went and checked to see if there was a woman in need of help but nothing was in there but my clothes and shoes. It happened about 7 years ago.

The house was on the Colorado river part of a gated community type thing. We were in the Cali desert. The old man found our house hours later because of our description and the buggy parked out front. He spent some time with us explaining his life story and describing his large family. No one even knew he was out there. He was really concerned with eventually telling his wife what really happened for obvious reasons.

The dog broke a couple legs on the fall and he unsuccessfully attempted to rescue him, hence being trapped in a hole. I'm certainly no hero, just fortunate to be in the right place at the right time to help someone desperately in need. I will post a picture of the man and dog in the morning as I'm preparing for football kickoff. I was miles deep into the middle of the desert driving a dune buggy with friends and stopped to check out an abandoned mine that my buddy had explored in before. My buddy stayed behind while the girls and I went inside to look around.

About yards into the mine a man's voice calls out "help me please! We all froze and stared at each other wide-eyed for a few seconds before the voice called out again and the girls took off running for the exit. I wanted to run too but something was telling me it was my buddy playing a prank on us and I didn't want to fall for it. Convinced he was calling down from some sort of hole above I called back and followed the voice hoping for trimuphance over his little joke Instead I found an old man and his injured dog trapped deep down a 30 ft.

Saved both their lives. Holy shit motherfucker. Haven't you ever seen a god damn horror movie!? You never investigate that kind of creepy shit. You run your god damn ass off lol. Sid mentions she hears something moving. Net and i quiet down and listen and sure enough, something was snapping the brittle twigs up the embankment in front of us.

Sid and Net, the brave creek-wanderers they were, hid behind me as though i would be able to do anything against.. Let me start off by saying that I don't believe in ghosts yet I'm still scared of ghosts, if that makes any sense what soever. At our old house my cousin lived with us because he was a recovering druggy he relapsed after a little , he would sleep in our basement and he had an Xbox and everything down there, I always wanted to sleep down there but he had college a lot so I didn't want to bother him.

After he moves out he took his xbox rip I wanted to sleep down but was too scared. My sister said she'd join me sleeping down there so it was less creepy. This went on for about a week until I felt comfortable down there. After a few days of me being alone down there I wake up very terrified of what seemed like nothing. Suddenly I start seeing about 10 or so black figures running towards me they were coming from our staircase so no way to nope outta there. I started screaming as loud as I possibly could, I think i temporarily blew out my voice for a few hours.

I remember screaming for my mom, dad, sister or anyone at all who would come to me, I was crying too.

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I woke up the next day and immediately ran upstairs and asked my mom if she heard me my dad left for work already , she said that she didn't hear me at all. There are only 3 explanations I can think of: 1-i was getting bamboozled by ghosts. Edit: Jesus Christ this kicked off more than expected, Obligitory thanks for the gold! Still bothers me to this day. Clipped through the floor, see if you can recreate it, might be able to shave off a few seconds in your next speedrun.

Until one day I wonder whether one night, years from now, there'll be a sound from that room. You'll walk in, and find the mug on the floor. Anyway, it was about a girl who went to camp.. I don't remember anything else really I used to love this book and can't believe I can't remember more about it! I hope you can help! Never mind! Not 2 minutes after submitting payment to you , I found the answer in your archives.

Sal Fisher at Girl Scout Camp! So , I don't need to know where my stumper is going to show up , as I already have the answer. Thanks anyway! My copy is titled Sally but the original title is Three of a Kind. It's about Sally who goes to live with an older couple on an island off of the Maine coast. Soon, their autistic grandson comes to stay with them. The grandson's name is Benjie, the older couple's names are Rhoda and Ben. Louise Dickinson Rich , Sally aka. Three of a Kind , This is absolutely The book, the foster family is named Cooper and the little boy is Benjie, I specifically remember the incident of him seeing the birds.

The story actually takes place on an island called Star Island, 7 miles off the Maine Coast. Her name is Sally. Here's the book you're looking for: Eppenstein, Louise. Sally Goes Shopping Alone. Illustrated by Esther Friend. Cover soiled, interior bright. Illustrated by Jean Staples. Very Good. Thank you so much for responding to my search. I would very much like to have the book. It is rather ironic that I remember the story in great detail as my mother read it to me many, many times --however I did not remember the little girls name and it is the same as mine!

I loved that book, and still love to go shopping alone! Can anyone recall a story like this? Sounds like Sally to me. Would you have another copy available? Does she have a velvet purse? I don't have a copy of Sally Goes Shopping Alone right now, but I have a sequel called Sally Goes Travelling Alone , in which she refers constantly to her "little red purse. That could be her. It's amazing the impact books have on us as children that stay with us and hold such tenderness in our hearts.

TY so much. I'd like to get it. Sally Goes Traveling Alone. A beautiful copy in dust jacket, dj has a few small holes on front fold-over. Front paste-down endpaper torn, otherwise VG. Lyn Cook, Samantha's Secret Room , Samantha's cousin Josh is the owner of the caravan named Nefertiti.

Scholastic Canada. Samantha Sam lives on a rural property in Canada and gains a penfriend by tying a letter to a christmas tree. The caravan belongs to a cousin who comes to visit for a family reunion. The secret room is in a root cellar. Hi again, Harriett. I just wanted to thank you for providing your Stump the Bookseller service. My mystery is solved! You're a wonderful resource, and I'll be back! Samantha's Surprise. Lippincott Co. As she pursues this hobby she begins to realise that she is relying to much on her mother to manage her life and it is time to try her wings away from the family hearth.

Encouraged by her father and with her camera as constant companion, she spends a fruitful and energetic summer on Cape Cod, helping an older girl to develop a 'different' tea room. Photography plays an important role as Judith finds new friends, a new love, widened interests, and especially, a more healthy relationship with her family. A book with a similar title that might possibly be the one wanted is Castle in the Sand , written and illustrated by Bettina , published Harper "With her usual wisdom and awareness, the author of the beloved Cocolo books tells the amusing and beautiful story of two children who make friends on a beach in Italy.

Ages I read the book you are looking for! Unfortunately I can't remember the title or author either - but here are a few more details. The title was the animals' phonetic interpretation of the words "San Diego Zoo" ie, something along the lines of "Sandy Eggo Zu" etc. It was a novel for adults, and there were definitely some human villans that the animals had to avoid, including one who came to a very bad end by eating dried corn in an abandoned Native American village and then drinking too much water stomach exploded: ugh!

The cover of the hardback had an illustration of the animals including a large snake. Hope this helps! Jenner, Janann V. Not from the s, but definitely your book. A Burmese python, coatimundi, macaw and rattlesnake escape from Leftrack's Pet Emporium in NYC in search of the mythical Sandeagozu, a warm land where animals can live without cages.

I managed to ask my friend's mother about this book, and although she remembers it, she remembers it differently than he does. She also says the book was sandwich shaped, but that it was very short, and contained pages for jam and peanut butter. She purchased it at the drug store. My friend is in his mid thirties, so this was probably in the early 70's. David Pelham, Sam's Sandwich. Looks like the right book. Sorry, but Sam's Sandwich is far too new to be the book I'm looking for.

Amazon claims that the first US edition was printed in The book I'm looking for would've been published in the mids at the latest. Dorothy C. Seymour, The Sandwich. This was published in the 60s and had the repeating lines "a little of this It may be the book you are looking for. Find out more about Dorothy Seymour on the Most Requested pages.

Anonymous, Santa Claus and Lili Monk, The reason I think this might be the one besides the date is that apparently the pages are textured. This is the story of a little monkey who hitched a ride to the North Pole in Santa's bag when he was visiting the jungle looking for drums. Does Lili stay in the North Pole? Hall, Monty the Monkey, Another angle on which to look -- this does''t seem to be the book, but it might be another book by the same author.

A Little Black Sambo imitation, each page of text in large type faces a full page illus. A curious book. There is no Monty Monk character in that story, so that is not the one I am searching for. But thanks for trying! M Could this be a comic book series? Monty Monk. Entry p. Still no luck. Also, the next person listed a comic book reference. The book I am looking for was nothing like a comic book, so this leads me to another dead end. After talking with my mother and brother, they both agreed that the center of the story was Monty Monk was such a good little monkey that Santa allowed him to ride in his sleigh as he delivered toys to all the girls and boys.

Hope someone can help me find this book. I am so excited!!!!!! My mystery is solved and I have found my book! Actually, I must admit that I made an error. For several years, I thought the book I was looking for was about Monty Monk. I'm not sure where I got that idea. There is not character "Monty Monk" in the book I was looking for.

Instead the character is "Lili Monk"! I took a chance, and ordered the book Santa Claus and Lili Monk from one of the used book sources that you recommend. And lo, and behold, it was the book of my childhood! Well, not the actual book, but one just like it! I received it yesterday, sat down and reread it after nearly 40 years! I still love it, and the illustrations are just as wonderful as I remembered them!

But alas, no one is given credit in the book for the illustrations nor the words! Anyway, thanks so much for offering this service! The Santa Claus Book. This is a Big Golden Book. Mine is so worn that I have no title page, so I can't give you any other information. But, I was right the first time. Pictures by Retta Worcester.

New York, Simon and Schuster, It's just hard to come by these nostalgic days. I am desperate to find this book adn would appreciate any help!!!! It is about 12 inches tall and 5 inches wide. My copy is just about worn out and I have no title page. I think this is the same book described in C It is certainly a wonderful Christmas book. Another was about a girl who got so upset when they had to take the tree down that they planted one outside. I would be very surprised it you can help, but thought I would try.

I had the book in the 's. Might this be it? I'm quite familiar with the story The Shiniest Star by Beth Vardon, and I'm sorry to say that this great story is not the one described. The Shiniest Star is about three little angels who polish their stars in heaven. The hard working, humble Touselhead's star becomes the Christmas star.

It contains several Christmas stories. One is "Susie's Christmas Star" in which Susie goes to the store and buys a star and candy canes for her family's tree, but loses them on the way home. She follows footprints and finds that a very poor family has found the candy canes and used them to decorate their tree. Seeing this, she generously pushes her star through their window too.

When she goes home a real star is shining through the window over her family's tree. I don't recall the title or author and neither does my father but I can still picture the book illustrations and story in my mind. I was a child in the 's so the book had to be written before probably. I have not had any success using the search features as I seem to only get later published books.

How do I go about finding this book which may be out of print? The gist of the book is about a young girl who has a few cents. She goes to the corner candy store and purchases 10 candy canes which the shopkeeper puts in a paper bag. She leaves the store and begins home trudging through the snow covered streets, her boots leaving footprints. When she gets home, she discovers her bag had a hole in it and all her candy canes are gone. She retraces her steps and follows the path of her lost candy canes which had fallen one-by-one leaving imprints in the snow. She discovers that each one has been picked up so she follows the trail of the "thief" only to discover that it leads to an orphange.

Standing in the street outside the orphanage, she looks inside the window and sees all the children happily looking at the Christmas tree. On the Christmas tree are her candy canes! I'm not sure how it ends, but I believe she is happy about where her candy canes have ended up. This book has such good memories for me that I would like to find it again.

Please give me some suggestions about how I can go about finding this book. Thank you. I have been unable to find this story published alone, but here's an anthology in which it appears. Thanks for the tip, Barb! Illustrated by Retta Worcester. Simon and Schuster, A Big Golden Book. One of the stories is "Susie's Christmas Star" in which Susie goes to the store and buys a star and candy canes for her family's tree, but loses them on the way home. The last story in the book was about a little girl named Mary Berry who hated to see the Christmas tree taken down.

There was also a story about a penny walk and one about a woman who made edible mittens of yarn colored with candy. It's in Solved Mysteries. Thanks though. Possibly this one? It definitely contains "Granny Glittens and Her Amazing Mittens" but I don't own a copy, so I can't tell you what else is in the book, except that according to various online sellers, it contains songs, poems including "A Visit From St.

Nicholas" , puzzles including a maze and crossword puzzle , a pop-up Christmas tree, stories, jokes and things to do for Christmas. Lots of pictures in full color and in black and white. The last page contains answers to the puzzles and riddles. Clean, intact copies are expensive, but books with a missing Christmas tree and writing on the pages can be quite cheap.

Thank you all so much--I would never have found it without your help. I love this book but it was given away by mistake Over the years friends and family have sent me numerous books, hoping it would be the one I was missing. The stories I recall are "Granny Glittens and her Amazing Mittens," "The Penney Walk," "A Shoe for Blitzen," "Christmas Through a Knothole," and a story about a young "jester-type of guy who was able to accompany Santa in his sleigh on Christmas Eve - I only remember that he had on leggings and one side was red and the other green or some variety of mixed colors.

I was only about 6 when the book was given to me but I can remember the cover had Santa with a huge bag on his back and the toys were falling out of it. If I recall correctly, the picture carried over onto the back cover. I also think of it as more of an 8" x 10" or more of a larger but not thick book. Oh, and the background of the cover seemed to be a pretty light blue. The stories were charming and I remember that the cover had like a "film" that covered it -- I had handled the book so much that a piece of the opaque cover was tearing away.

The pages were very smooth, I can still feel my hands sweeping over the pages. I lived in Ohio at the time and the person who gave it to me lived there as well, so it wasn't like some item that was only available on the coast. Anyway, I miss it terribly and have long lamented that it got away from me. This is in the Solved Stumpers section. Front cover is light blue, showing Santa putting toys into an overflowing sack.

Toys and elves are on the snow around the sack, and continue onto the back cover. Forty-Three stories and poems, include Mr. Your mention of Granny Glittens rang a bell! Hope this is your answer. The later editions of this book have a cover depicting Santa with an overflowing gift sack as he rides on a sled with some children. The original edition has a cover with Santa and two angels on his lap. This book is about 8 x 10 size and has the story "Granny Glittens and Her Amazing Mittens" but I don't see in my copy of the book the other stories the seeker mentions.

Stories in this book include "Mr. This sounds like it could be one of the Santa Mouse books by Michael Brown. M 27 and N 9 sound like the same book. Thank you, Thank you, Thank youI would like to know if you have this book to sell me or a way for me to find it. This book was read to me by my Father when I was a child in the 50's 55?? Thanking You in Advavce. It was a poem my grandmother used to recite. Unfortunately, my mother doesn't know the title or the author, but the fact that Grandma recited it to her children, then her grandchildren, puts it back to the s--probably earlier.

Some of Grandma's stories predated Grandma. I'm having the devil's own time finding a story she used to recite--we've figured it originated in a magazine printed before she was born; more on that later. Keyword searches on this not one thing more, stocking, mouse, Santa Claus, etc. Maybe someone can do better with them than I. If this was printed, either by itself or as part of a larger book, I would very much like to know where, and how to get a copy!

If this was made into a children's book, perhaps having the original author will help. The book which is identified as from the "Santa Mouse" series is actually the same poem I sent to solve stumper N9. They should both be listed under that title. Well, it sure helps to have the correct spelling of the author's name!

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I still didn't find anything to indicate that Santa Claus and the Mouse was a picture book by itself and want to know if it was but there were all sorts of collections of poems, including holiday poems, and of course it could have appeared in someone else's collection of poems. I also did a search on Google with "Emilie Poulsson" and "Santa Claus" and still couldn't find anything like Santa Claus and the Mouse as a picture book, but did find a story called How Mrs.

Does anyone know if this story featured a sugar plum sleigh? It might be the one I'm looking for. I think "How Mrs. It was first published in a womens' magazine, Don't remember any particular mention in it of a sugar plum sleigh. Recently I was going through a box of books and found a very old one by this author which must have belonged to my grandmother. Sure enough, the poem was in it! I'd never have known to look for it there had I not been informed of the author's name.

Barbara Chapman, The Wonderful Mistake, When I read this "memory", I thought I'd read it before. The orphans decide to make a nativity scene and the fancy doll becomes the beautiful Virgin Mary. It ends with having the mistake be one that "made this Christmas the best for everyone. I am the original poster, and Santa's Footprints is the correct book. You can put this one down as solved!

Augusta Huiell Seaman, Sapphire Signet , You may want to check out this book. The author was an extremely popular writer of children's mysteries nearly years ago. I have never read this particular one, because it's very rare, but the plot you described sounds about like something she would have written.

One of the young girls in the story, Corinne Cameron This might be the book you're looking for. I'm not sure of the exact plot, but this sounds like something she might have written. I believe this may be it. The diary is found in a secret compartment and is deciphered by an invalid girl. The diary is destroyed by a housekeeper who is in the place of a mother--thankfully after the whole diary has been deciphered. The signet is eventually found and delivered to the proper owner by the invalid girl who has regained her health. Roberta Leigh, Sara and Hoppity , The book is Sara and Hoppity , about a "goblin toy" that is brought to Sara's parents' toy shop.

Her parents and helper, Miss Julie that's probably who the requestor remembers" repairs for her. It's the mother who paints the plate with Hoppity's picture on it, so Sara will eat her spinach with egg. What happens is that Sara hates the taste so much that when Hoppity "tells" her to slide the food into the pocket of her apron and tell her parents she ate it Hoppity is a very naughty toy!

Sara is found out and punished by being sent to her room, and you never find out whether the leg on the plate is shorter than the other. In the end she sees Hoppity, at whom she has been very angry, standing in the corner, so she knows he feels remorseful and realizes how much she loves him. This story and its sequel, Sara and Hoppity Make New Friends , were my favorite childhood books, and I've never known anyone else who recalled them.

Apparantly there were 6 books and it may interest your requestor to know that there was also a television series that aired in the 60s. My mother and sister remember it fondly. There's more information about both books and tv show at this site. Though not my "Stumper" this has helped me with a childhood memory. I grew up in southern England in the '60s, and have a distinct memory of Sarah and Hoppity being a puppet show on local TV. I actually recall being a bit upset that Sarah was always getting into trouble for things Hoppity had instigated.

Anyway, now I live in Scotland, no one else remembers the show, and I had started to think I had dreamt it, so thank you for confirming that the memory may be correct. Thank you for solving this one for me! It has intruded on my thoughts for years and I couldn't figure out how to find the title. I was able to find 2 other elusive books from my childhood Magic Elizabeth and Candle in her Room simply by searching the solved stumpers.

But all I knew for sure with this one was the short leg and painted plate -- not a lot to go on. The story seems to be a lot different than what I thought I recalled. I'm sure that over the years I have mixed up a number of favorite books, making it even harder to track them down. As a child, I may even have dreamt about the stories, thereby distorting my recollection even more.

Thanks to the posted solution I found a website that summarizes all of the books. I have a definite answer for one of the stumpers!! I still have the copy that my Mom gave me as a little girl. Although it didn't help me keep my room clean! She gave it to me because she liked finding books with a Sarah as the main character. Otfried Preussler, Satanic Mill. This very special book is by the popular German author Otfried Preussler, beautifully translated by Anthea Bell.

Otto Preussler, Satanic Mill , ?. Poster remembered title OK. Fairly sure I have the author's name spelt correctly - no longer have a copy to check! Story as I remember it spot on, though. Would suggest The Satanic Mill , by Otfried Preussler , translated by Anthea Bell, published Macmillan , pages "In seventeenth century Germany, a boy named Krabat desperately wants to escape from a school for Black Magic where he is held captive by demonic forces.

Krabat must learn enough magic to escape. The miller has made a deal with the devil, and each year one of the apprentices has to be sacrificed by the miller to keep his side of the deal. Some of Krabat's friends end up dead. Krabat, however, finds salvation through his love, a singer from the nearby village.

She is able to rescue him from certain death and put an end to Satan's reign, even when the miller casts an evil spell, because her love for Krabat is stronger than witchcraft. He is expected to perform several difficult tasks i. Finally he defeats the evil sorcerer when the sorcerer becomes a raven. Thanks for your help! I haven't read it and I couldn't find much info.

Might be worth a look. I have since remembered that the book had a windmill in it S sorceror's apprentice: the impossible tasks are a very common folktale motif. Usually the boy or girl most commonly a girl is helped by animals that he or she helped earlier in the story. I'd guess that the boy was acting as a servant rather than an apprentice - that's the usual arrangement. Otfried Preussler, The Satanic Mill. Suddenly, after all these years, the title came to me!

It is The Satanic Mill. I checked it out at the library and it was the right book. I enjoyed it again! S sorceror's apprentice: if the book had a windmill in it, could it possibly be The Satanic Mill, from the Solved List? Later - I had a look at our library's copy, and it doesn't seem to have the impossible tasks in it, just a lot of shape-changing and the trial is recognising the transformed loved one.

Book has been driving me crazy, read it once when I was a freshman in high school - so that would be in the early s. Book was about a sorcerer who had a mill at the edge of a village. He would take in orphan boys as apprentice. At the end of each year, one of his apprentice must die before a new one could take his place. Book is about an orphan boy who becomes an apprentice. At some time in the book he tries to escape, turning himself into various animals, each time the miller who was following him, turned himself into something stronger.

Otfried Preussler. Abelard-Schuman, London st ed. Set against the colorful background of 17th-Century Germany, the story of Krabat's captive apprenticeship and ultimate victory over the master is an unusual, tension-packed thriller that readers of all ages will find difficult to put down. Author's sixth release, this title received the German State Children's prize for Quite a "dark" book and themes, for a children's story.

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Set in Southern Germany during the thirty years war. Murray Tinkelman, jacket illustrator. Translated by Anthea Bell. Otfried Preussler, The Satanic Mill , See Solved Mysteries Page. Unexplained deaths. What is happening at the mill in the fens? Drawn by powers beyond his control, fourteen-year-old Krabat finds himself apprenticed to the dark mill and begins work with the Miller's eleven other journeymen. But strange things continue to happen at the mill.

Time passes at an unnatural pace, and the journeymen have superhuman powers, and can turn themselves into ravens and other creatures. Trapped by an evil power which makes escape impossible, Krabat is forced to submit to the Master of the Mill as he tries to unravel the mill's secrets. The Curse of the Darkling Mill is an eerie tale of sorcery and nightmares, which will keep you guessing right to the end.

One of my favorites! I read this book the late 70's or early 80's. It's about a boy maybe an orphan? In exchange for learning magic they're under the control of the wizard. I think they're crows at night and boys during the day. At the end, inspired by a girl he falls in love with, the boy manages to escape the wizard and I think loses his ability to use magic when he escapes. I've searched everywhere online and in libraries, and can't find it.

The Satanic Mill. I did some research on The Satanic Mill and I'm positive this is the book -- thank you! Somehow, while at Central Park, she ends up traveling back in time to an ancient, tribal civilization. She spents almost a year there trying to find a way home. She brought with her a key, a safety pin, and a knife and these items end up playing a key role in ruining the civilization. It was an incredible book that I used to read in the s. It had a lot of feminist and naturalist elements to it.

I would really like to find it again! I'm almost positve that the title was a date, starting with the name of a month September? Mazer, Norma Fox, Saturday, the twelfth of October, , copyright. After spending almost a year with cave people from an earlier time, a young girl is transported back to the present greatly changed, both by her experience and by the fact that no one believes her. This was the only book my mother ever censored when I was a kid!

Now I want to find it and read it again. This is defintely it. Great book.

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This is definitely it. They pool their allowances so that they can each have an adventure on a Saturday. The kids solve a mystery in each book but that's not the main point. The oldest boy plays the piano. The girl also takes off her nail polish with her treasured bottle of perfume in one book. I found lots of titles called A Tangled Web , including one by L. Montgomery Some details, such as Mona getting a permanent and Rush playing the piano, are right, and the maid's name was Cuffy, which is pretty close. Could be the Melendy books by Elizabeth Enright. F is definitely not L. Montgomery's a Tangled Web.

Elizabeth Enright, Melendy family series. Took me a few minutes to put your clues together, but this is definitely it. The children are Mona, Rush, Randy, and Oliver. They are not mystery books but Spiderweb for Two is about a year-long treasure hunt that the rest of the family puts on for Randy and Oliver. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays. The housekeeper is Cuffy, the eldest son, Rush, plays the piano, Mona gets her hair permed and nails painted and removes the polish with perfume.

A Tangled Web by Montgomery is about a will and all the members of the family who wish to inherit a certain vase. This sounds like the Melendy family. In The Saturdays, Mona uses her Saturday to get a perm and manicure. In Spiderweb for Two Randy and Oliver get clues to a year long treasure hunt when the older kids are away at school.

Rush plays the piano. Their housekeeper's name is Cuffy. Don't think that this is an L. Not the right type, and her list of works doesn't seem to have a series of this type. Mona is the one who gets nail polish off with perfume! Cuffy is the housekeeper. Might these be Enright's books about the Melendy family? Although the children are not detectives, per se, Spiderweb for Two does feature a mystery with the two youngest children, Randy and Oliver.

Other details: no mother, the housekeeper's name is Cuffy not Curly , there are 4 then 5! Rush the oldest boy plays the piano. In the first book, The Saturdays , Mona indulges in a scandalous beauty treatment including haircut although I don't think "Brillo Queen" featured and manicure, and she ends up removing her nail polish with strong perfume. I hope these turn out to be the right books -- they should be great treat to re-discover!

I never "lost" Enright's children's books among my favorites , but I've just discovered her adult fiction short stories with very great pleasure, and would highly recommend them, especially to fans of her writing for children. Four children live in a Victorian house - it has a cupola - I believe there was an illustration of it, might have been on the cover. I think the children live there on their own.

Each weekend, one of them is "allowed" to leave the house and have an adventure. They weren't in prison! I think they might have been so poor, there was some "sensible" reason for this situation. It was charmingly told each adventure was engaging. The Melendy children pool their allowance so each one of them, on their Saturday, can plan some special all day outing.

The children are not poor but I believe the war is on and they are still rationing. Their home, with cupola, is described at great length in The Four Story Mistake. You're combining two of the Melendy family books. In The Saturdays , the family is living in New York City and the children pool their allowances so that they can take turns going to the art gallery, the opera and so on. In The Four Story Mistake , they move to a house in the country that has a cupola.

This sounds like a combination of both these stories - in The Saturdays , the kids take turns having adventures, and in The Four Story Mistake , they've moved out to the country and the house has a cupola. Elizabeth Enright??

Welcome to Reddit,

Is it possible you're remembering parts of two of the books about the Melendy family? In the second book, they move to the country and live in a Victorian house with a four-windowed cupola on the roof. In the first book, the children live in New York, and pool their money so that each child can have an adventure on successive Saturdays eventually they start having their 'adventures' as a group. In the second book, they move to a house with a cupola. I'm looking for a book I read as a child about a family - there's at least a couple of daughters, a father and I don't know if I remember a mom or a grandmother.

Each chapter of the book is a different "episode" in the life of the family She tries to hide her hands during the next meal with the family, but gets caught and becomes more upset when she thinks the polish won't come off. That's all I remember, I apologize, but I'd really like to find this book. I would have been reading it around or so, but I'm not sure how old the book was at the time it seemed a bit antiquated in its reflection of family values, I recall! Thanks so much! This is the first of the Melendy stories. When they can't afford a vacation outside NYC, the four kids pool their allowances and each does something exciting with all the week's money.

Mona gets her hair bobbed and accidentally a red manicure, and the hairdresser tells her a story about running away to the city. The other kids go to an opera, an art gallery, and the circus. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays , This is definitely the book. The girl with the nail polish is Mona, and she also has her hair cut that day. Its the first of the Melendy Quartet.

The girls name was mona and it was her turn to used the combined weekly allowence of all the kids to do exactly what she wanted - she got a perm and a manicure - and got in big trouble!! Definitely the one. See solved stumpers. In one chapter Mona, the eldest daughter, spends her Saturday money having her hair cut in a grown up style and inadvertently gets a manicure at the same time which causes almost more trouble than having her braids cut off Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays , In this book, four siblings decide to pool their weekly allowances and take turns spending the money on a special Saturday outing.

On her Saturday, teen Mona Melendy takes a trip to a beauty salon where she gets a short and stylish haircut and a manicure with bright nail polish. Her father a widower disapproves and she later removes the nail polish with cologne or perfume. Followed by three sequels. Please see the "S" solved pages for more information. This is the one about the siblings who pool their allowances so each child can have a Saturday outing on their own.

Almost definitely The Satrudays. I believe this is the book you're looking for. This sounds like The Saturdays , the first book in the series about the Melendy family. In it, Mona, the oldest girl, gets her hair cut and her fingernails polished on one of her outings and gets in trouble for it. Enright, Elizabeth, The Saturdays. Solution for nail polish no-nos- Mona, the eldest daughter in the Melendy family, uses her Saturday to get her hair and nails done.

Elizabeth Enright, the saturdays , The other three kids are Randy, Rush, and Oliver. Sounds like it might be this classic. Mona is the girl's name. N60 is The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright. Each of the Melendy children pool their allowance and take turns having a Saturday out alone. Mona goes to the beauty shop, gets her hair cut, and a manicure. Cuffy, the housekeeper, removes the nail polish with perfume.

This episode is from the first book about the Melendy Family. The four children pool their allowances so that they each have an adventure in NYC. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays, s. This sounds like one of the chapters from The Saturdays , where Mona Melendy spends the siblings Mona, Rush, Randy and Oliver pooled allowance to go to the city for a makeover. Each chapter is one of the kids using the allowance money for something they really want. This sounds like The Saturdays to me I think she gets her hair cut too.

The other kids are Rush, Randy and Oliver. There's a dad, but the mom died, and Cuffy is the housekeeper -- definitely a grandmotherly type. Kids live in a big house in the city and the whole top floor is a play room. They keep clay in the bathroom sink. The first of the Melendy family books. The top floor is The Office, which is the children's playroom, and they have clay in a sink, that needs to be moistened regularly. That's one of Oliver's jobs I think it's Oliver's.

Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays , 60s, approximate. This really sounds like The Saturdays , one of the Melendy family books. In this book they all lived in the city, had a huge playroom, and kept clay in the sink, or maybe turtles. There are other Melendy books for after they move out to the country into a huge house, have a huge playroom, etc. Elizabeth Enright, The Saturdays , , copyright. Definitely this first in the 4-book Melendy family series which are still in print. Their upstairs playroom has clay in the sink, a piano, masks and other wonderful stuff.

Every Saturday, each child takes a turn going somewhere different in the city with their pooled allowance money. The first of the Melendy books-definitely the one. This is the first of the books about the Melendy Family. This can be none other than this well-loved classic. The details match! You will find lots of other details on the solved pages. Enright, Elizabeth, The Melendy Family. Sounds like a detail from the Melendy Family series. There were four children children, Mona, Rush, Randy, and Oliver, who lived in Manhattan with their widowed father.

They did have a large playroom on the top floor of a tall, thin brownstone, one which did include the bathtub full of clay, and also a large upright piano, a trapeze, and several pictures on the ceiling formed by leaks. The children themselves had several adventures exploring the city. Later books dealt with their lives after they moved to the country. Hope this helps. Could this be The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright? Printed originally in , it's a timeless story, and has been reprinted many times including an edition that came out in the 70s If it's the one, in addition to the full-floor play room, you might remember that the four siblings 2 boys, 2 girls each took turns having a "Saturday" adventure with their combined allowance Eldest girl went to the theatre, youngest boy to the circus, etc.

Part of the Melendy family books, before they move to the country. The Office is what they call their playroom. Thank you all so much for solving the mystery. The Saturdays. Henry Holt, , , New hardback with new cover illustration by Tricia Tusa. Henry Holt, , , 20th hardback printing. Ex-library edition with only stamp being on top edges, very small water damage to top corner of pages. PA Pot Named Pete. Thanks for the info.

I'll have to ask my friend if these sound familiar to her. Hi again. I have spoken to my friend about this book and she has provided further information. The pot is definitely called Peep, not Pete. It wasn't a magic pot, it was simply one that was divided into three sections where you could cook three different things unheard of at the time. The father of the family was a travelling salesman who sold the pots and the family all had Norwegian sounding names.

The book had a cloth cover. That's about it! Thanks a lot. Father is an inventor and his whistling saucepan, Peep, makes the trip lucrative, exciting and funny. The story is told by eleven year old Lars. Thank you thank you! I just looooove this website Where I remember the book being shelved in the school library could well have been the M's, and the publication date is feasible. I'd like to have a copy of this one as well. Sounds like Sawdust In His Shoes, the story of a teenage circus equestrian who is placed in an orphanage, but runs away and is taken in by a farm family.

He trains one of the plow horses, develops an new act, and eventually rejoins the circus. The boy's father, a lion tamer, gets killed, and he has to go to an orphanage, from which he runs away. The boy is a solo equestrien and finds the perfect horse for him on the farm. He ends up back in the circus as a headliner.

I vaguely remember reading something similar back in the early 80s. I think the title was " Sawdust in his Shoes ", and I thought the author was Edward Fenton , but I couldn't locate it online, so probably not. Maybe this will help jar someone else's memory though..

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Well, it's not common, but I did find one: L. London, W. Chambers, n. Illustrated by A. Talbot Smith.