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The Works of Samuel Johnson, Volume Parliament. House of Commons Parlimentary Debates II. is presented here in a high quality paperback edition.

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Once they finally decide to get it on at the estate, they spend five whole days doing nothing but eating, sleeping and having sex. Someone get this woman a tissue! Denis before — Sweet Seduction — and I really liked it, so I expected to enjoy this one. Title: Ruined. Author: Jackie Ashenden. Convincing people their friendship has heated up to scorching levels is unexpectedly easy! And do they even want to? Standalone or series: Book one in The Knights of Ruin series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: Wow, this book was hot on every level it could have been.

Cat and Dane have been best friends for decades, ever since they met when they were children. Cat has a six year old daughter, Annie, who loves Dane. She works two jobs to support her daughter and lives in a crappy apartment. So she asks her best friend for help. His uncle, Keep, is the president. Cat is helpless to resist and gives in to the lust and fire burning between them, and once it happens Dane refuses to pretend anymore.

Scared of losing him as a friend, scared of letting him in because he could ruin her. He shares her fears, but he wants a family.

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So when Justin turns up at the unit and starts manhandling Cat, Dane beats the crap out of him. I devoured this book. Read it. Title: Inked. Author: Anne Marsh. The blurb: Harper, a buttoned-up banker, is a tattoo virgin before Vik draws her first ink. Vik, so named because he has long blonde hair and is tall and built because of his Norwegian heritage Viking, geddit? When drunk banker Harper shows up at his tattoo parlour in Las Vegas at two in the morning, she wants a tattoo to celebrate a new her.

So she lets Vik pick the tattoo, a firebird he puts on the small of her back can anyone say tramp stamp? When he hears her sad tale of woe, he offers to be her booty call. She tells him this, and what does he do? Pushes her away. He eventually gets the memo and the way he attempts to win her back is rather amusing. She was hurt and it showed. Can we talk about the cover? Vik is a blonde Norse God.

The cover model, while attractive, is not. I also noticed that Harper gets this massive tattoo on her back in the wee hours of the morning, but then spends part of the next day swimming. Vik also takes her up against the glass in her hotel room, which her back is up against. Surely her back would be tender? Being banged up against some glass and going swimming would be off the menu, I would have imagined. Not that I have a tattoo, mind you, but that would seem like common sense to me.

Vik and Harper get their happy ending. I really liked Harper, but I oscillated on Vik a little. I think I liked Rev and Evie from the first book better. Title: The Marriage Clause. The blurb: Katherine Oliver is not interested in getting married. So she puts Luca to the test in an X-rated battle of wits—to persuade her that their nights of passion can turn into something more! Standalone or series: Book one of the Dirty Sexy Rich series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: Well. I liked that the action was set in San Francisco, a city I love.

I also like the cover. Katherine might have pretended to try and live a life without privilege, but she folded like a cheap tent after a couple of hours of charity work. Yep, we got the hint. When she was 16, Katherine signed a contract that she would marry Luca to merge the two family fortunes. Is that even legal? How can a 16 year old sign a contract for an arranged marriage? Katherine apparently withdrew all of her money from her accounts before she took off, so there was really nothing stopping her staying away if she failed to go through with the marriage, even if her father cut her off.

I wanted to like this book, I did. I always want to enjoy the books I read, but this one? Title: Sweet Thing. Author: Nicola Marsh. Working alongside brooding new man-in-charge Tanner is an unexpected but delicious challenge, especially as each night their attraction only grows hotter! The review: I have mixed feelings about this book for a number of reasons. Abby has spent the past year rebuilding her life.

Her parents are wealthy and she grew up in a life of privilege, and did what she was told. Tanner has owned restaurants in the past and is currently invested in several nightclubs. He shares something with Abby — an emotionally abusive parent, in his father. Their beloved mother died in a car accident when Tanner was ten and Remy was fifteen, and the old man gave Tanner hell for the next five years until he died.

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Abby wants to let loose after mundane sex with the ex. While I liked them both and wanted to see them get their happily ever after, a few things grated. The Dare range is supposed to be full on in terms of language and descriptions, so why use that word? The cover also states that Nicola Marsh is an Aussie, but I had to wonder if she lived in Sydney, where the book is set, because nothing seemed to stand out as coming from an insider.

Burning Love (The Hot Zone, #1) by Debra Cowan

My suspicions were confirmed when she misspelled the name of an inner city suburb — there is an identically named suburb in Melbourne, but the spellings are different. She used the Melbourne suburb spelling how did the editors miss this?? So why not set the book there? I could picture the patisserie in my head in the Strand Arcade, right in the heart of the city.

I also found it strange that Tanner was still so mired in the past. Tanner would need to seek professional help to deal with his issues. Lastly, tattoos does not a bad boy make. What is with this trope? Title: Make Me Want. Author: Katee Robert.

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But in the bedroom…she needs inspiration to reawaken her inner seductress. Asking her friend Gideon Novak for help seems wrong, yet so deliciously right! Standalone or series: Book one in the Make Me series, but can be read as a standalone. The review: I think this might just be my favourite in the Dare imprint yet! Lucy Baudin is working her way up to partner at her law firm, but the powers that be are stuck in the last century and seem to believe a woman should be married. She has two things she wants from him: she wants him to find her a suitable husband, and she wants him to help her remember what good sex is like.

He lets her… for a few days. He then makes it up to her with a really big diamond ring. This was a great book! Title: Legal Seduction. The blurb: Quitting her job puts executive assistant Bette Monroe in a very compromising position. With ten days left, powerhouse lawyer Simon Kramer is working her late into the night…and seducing her into oblivion! Does she bare all…or keep him guessing?

Simon is gobsmacked by her resignation.

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The law firm he started with three friends who came from the same bleak childhood he did — living on the streets, conning people for a living — is too important to him to risk jeopardising it with a sexual harassment suit. Someone is selling confidential papers from the law firm to a rival firm, and Simon is desperate to stop it.

Since she will no longer be his employee, and since he finds his attraction to her bubbling to the surface, he decides to finally seduce her and see if he can find evidence she is the mole… only to have the tables turned on him by Bette, who seduces him instead. Simon finds himself intrigued by the layers that are Bette… both underneath her clothing and as a person. Victoria Bylin. Sharon Ihle. Kate Welsh. The Marriage Knot. Mary McBride. The Circle Eight: Nicholas. Emma Lang. Sherri Shackelford. Wyoming Widow. Elizabeth Lane. Her Wild Texas Heart.

Elysa Hendricks. Lynna Banning. Paradise Valley. Rosanne Bittner. Land of Dreams. Storming Paradise. A Bride for McCain. Mary Burton. Sharaya Lee. Linda Ford. Family Man. Carol Carson. Spinster's Folly. Marsha Ward. McCavett's Bride. The Wedding Promise. Stacey Kayne. Charming Jo.

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Laura Drewry. Romancing Olive. Holly Bush. The Rancher's Wife. Lynda Trent. To Love and to Cherish. Leigh Greenwood. Mustang Wild.

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Dorothy Clark. Badlands Bride.

In Want of a Wife. Jo Goodman. The Circle Eight: Vaughn. The Bartered Bride. Cheryl Reavis. Rhonda Gibson. The Kansas Lawman's Proposal. Montana Morning. Jill Limber. Tame A Wild Wind. Cynthia Woolf. Wild Wyoming Wind. Margery Scott. The Forever Man. Emma's Wish. Reconstructing Jackson. The Perfect Wife.

This Heart For Hire. Mail-Order Groom. The Scoundrel. Breaking Josephine. Brooke Stanton. Debra Cowan. Julie Miller. Sharon Sala. Susan Sleeman. Harlequin Historical March - Bundle 1 of 2. Christine Merrill. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long.