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Crash Course Chemistry: Periodic Table of Elements

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We can find balance in our yoga practice and in our life by connecting with nature More Articles Temples of the Grail. Tarot: Looking at Both the Mundane and the Divine. Browse Blogs by Subject. And There's More! Ireland and the Celtic Tree Calendar. Cartomancy and the Lessons of Life and Death. The Four C's of Mindful Tarot. Encyclopedia Home. Encyclopedia Articles. All-Seeing Eye. Barnum Statement. Captain of Your Own Ship. The rectangle between the halogens and the transition metals contain a peculiar scatter shot of metals, metalloids, gases, and nonmetals; these guys don't end up as ions unless you take extreme action and start shooting other ions at them, so generally a bit boring over here, though lots of interesting covalent organic chemistry we'll get to that.

Down below, in their own little island, are the lanthanides and actinides, metals that were largely undiscovered in Mendeleev's day because they're so similar that it's next to impossible to separate them from each other. And finally, on the far, far right, also undiscovered when Mendeleev built his chart, the completely unreactive noble gases.

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Like a lot of other obsessive scientists, Mendeleev never thought he was done with his table, so he held it back for quite a while, only publishing it as part of a new chemistry textbook he was working on as a way to make some quick cash that he needed. And, as with many other scientific revelations, there were a number of other people hot on this discovery's trail. As many as six people published on the periodicity of elements at roughly the same time as Mendeleev, but a few things set him apart.

He was obsessive. He knew the data better than anyone else, and had spent a ton of time working on a theory that many people thought was just an interesting little quirk. And 2. It seems as if he had a deep belief in the cosmic importance of what he was doing, almost of religious fascination.

Explore the chemical elements through this periodic table

Mendeleev believed in God but also he believed that organized religions were false paths to the unknowable nature of God. I like to believe that he thought he saw some divine pattern in his tables, and Mendeleev felt as if he was coming to know God in a way that no other man had. To be clear, this is pure conjecture. And as we now know, the periodicity of elements is a physical phenomenon. It's a function of electrons, which are in some ways pretty dang peculiar, but certainly not at all mystical. But we'll get to that peculiar physical reality in the next episode.

The periodic table that we know and love - I love it anyway - if a representation of reality; a way of understanding and sorting the universe as it exists. But that form of the table is not by any means set in stone; indeed, a contemporary of Mendeleev envisioned the table set onto a screw, or cylinder, with the elements wrapping around from one side to another. While Mendeleev's table looks more like a map up on a wall, de Chancourtois, a geologist, envisioned more of a globe. Unfortunately for de Chancourtois, no publisher could figure out how to print his cylindrical 3D table, and so he published his paper without a graphical representation of his Periodic Cylinder of the Elements, and it was largely ignored.

I guess they didn't have paper craft back then. I am a huge fan of this cut-and-tape model of the periodic table; you can make your own - there's a link in the description - and there are also a ton of other designs for periodic tables that have various advantages over the one that we're all familiar with.

Our periodic table, as it stands, it really a little bit unhappy with itself, frankly; the lanthanides and actinides really should be part of the table, but we separate them out, because it's hard to fit that on a piece of paper; really, this is what it should look like. And really, it would be best if it wrapped around into a circle, so that fluorine, and neon, and sodium were all next to each other, instead of being on opposite sides of the map, because they're just one proton away!

Images of various periodic tables

Mendeleev's contribution, nonetheless, is more powerful than at first it seemed. He ended up forming a guide to help future chemists understand things that wouldn't be discovered for 25, 50, even years. Indeed, after Mendeleev's theories were published and accepted, the overwhelming cry form the scientific community was "Why? It turned out that the answer to the first "Why", was the electron.

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That sneaky little electron; Mendeleev, if he'd been around to see their discovery, he would have hated them. But you, you will have a healthy respect for them, after you learn all about them on the next episode of Crash Course Chemistry. Thank you for watching this episode of Crash Course Chemistry. If you were paying attention, you now know: The terrible, beautiful, and wonderful story of Dmitri Mendeleev; How he organized the elements into the periodic table; Some of the basics of the relationships in that table; Why Mendeleev stood out from his colleagues; and how the table as we know it today could stand some improvement.

The script was edited by Blake de Pastino and Dr. She explains that there had always been embodiments of the four elements, fire, ice, candy and slime for eons and millennia since life began on the planet. She tells them that she was an old elemental and together with the past elementals, they saw visions of a oncoming catastrophic event that they might not survive but she had an idea of freezing themselves in order to survive the transition, but the other elementals didn't agree because even if they die, the elementals would live on after the event, so she went and froze herself alone.

Elemental Shade

She then goes on to show the Princesses their powers, which Bonnibel attempts to use against her. Even though she failed, subsequently after Patience slips on a jelly bean, wrecks her boat and ultimately freeing the princesses. In anger, Patience charges towards them, only to be incapacitated by Slime Princess's slime.

The episode ends with Ice King assisting Patience get free while she reveals her plans. Ice King then discovers his keys lodged down his throat. This episode was censored in some countries.

Elemental Masters Series

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