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So when I heard circles buzzing about the book on the trendy, life-changing organization method known aptly as "KonMari," I knew I was the perfect candidate to try it. The organizing consultant's name is Marie Kondo. These Konverts were made just from reading her book. The real-life Kondo has a three-month-long waiting list. In her native Japan, Kondo says, tidiness is a way of everyday living.

She applies feng shui principles to the tenets of her tidying and ditches long-held organizational beliefs such as cleaning little by little every day, storing items according to the seasons and discarding one item for every item brought into the home. She says that these principles, though meant to help, are the very reasons why we seemingly are never able to maintain our mess. Instead, she advocates for one epic cleaning sweep: Keep only what "sparks joy," discard everything else, and assign a home for everything within your home.

Easier said than done, right? Kondo claims that this can be done but can take anywhere between a few hours to six months. I know what you are thinking—that is a crazy time span. But let me assure you that it can be done. For the purpose of trying the KonMari method myself, I did this in a three-day weekend in the middle of winter when the spring sunshine wasn't going to lure me outside.

My apartment was due for spring cleaning, and I was stuck indoors on a slew of blustery, snowy days, so why not? I had run out of excuses. It was time to take control of my clutter, once and for all. These were the philosophies I had to adopt:. Before you move a single thing, the first step in Kondo's method is to visualize the life you wish to have with a clutter-free space.

Lesson 2: Keep Only the Things That Spark Joy

A free closet or uncluttered walls isn't deep enough. Dig deeper. What does a life free of clutter mean to you? Maybe it means hosting more parties for your friends or adopting a pet or raising a baby. For me, I visualized a more creative home life: one in which I could bake more, draw more, paint on canvas more a hobby I've all but abandoned since my move to New York.

These things have been put aside for dealing with my everyday messes. And who wouldn't want to spend time with friends over organizing china in the cabinet? Kondo asserts that by discarding things, we're freeing up space for the things we love.

KonMari: How to Clean Up Your Home Once and Never Need to Do It Again

One of the first steps in Kondo's method is to identify what does, indeed, "spark joy" for you. Pick it up don't just observe it from afar on a bookshelf or under-bed storage box , turn it over in your hands, study it—how does this possession make you feel? How do you feel at the idea of discarding it forever? The things that spark true joy for you won't always be rational and in fact, Kondo encourages this intuition.

Lesson 1: Let Go of Things to Make Room for the Things That Matter

There is an excerpt from book when she refers to one such item in her home—her Kiccoro T-shirt; it's a memento from an expo she attended years ago and despite scoffing from others "How can you keep this? Aren't you embarrassed? How can you wear that? You should throw it away This is one of the little lies we tell ourselves.

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And with basically zero time to spare our first weeklong summer renters arrive this Saturday and we actually have some early-birds staying on one side right now until Saturday since we finished in the nick of time and they inquired with just enough time to squeeze them in! This is what it looked like when. A new study also concluded some shocking-to-us things about millennial dads versus their baby boomer counterparts — and we have some big feelings about one aspect of the results.

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Plus, more design norms from around the world and our picks for summer entertainment. They pass. We recently made two big changes to our shopping habits that are having both positive and negative repercussions. This is the story of how not one, but two tables got a complete refresh thanks to a little elbow grease and, well, a lot of sanding.


Since the duplex has two dining spaces one on each side we obviously needed two dining tables. For one side we planned to use our old dining table,. After over a year and a half of renovation, the duplex officially hosted its first overnight guests!!!