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Marianne is a role model and witness to what Christian servanthood and living faith look like. You teach us that beauty is truth, truth is beauty, and both are God. Today was the day we hiked through the beautiful Halawa Valley, the home of the first Polynesian settlement in Hawaii AD. Like everything on Molokai, we first must ask permission of the ancestors and the present families to enter.

DJ Pelekai and Auntie Snookie chanted the oli chant. But even granted permission, Molokai accepts you on her terms and in her way If you are open, respectful and grateful, you will experience just what the creator and Molokai desire for you. Serendipities and sacred moments will abound. The smoothies revealed just how delicious it is. All of it on its terms, not yours. On Wednesday we paddled an outrigger canoe and hung out with honu Hawaiian sea turtles. They are so playful and remind us to stop taking our worries so seriously.

Then we had powerful times of reflection and prayer at two of the churches built by Father Damien. At the church, we prayed for healing whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional. At St. I offered prayers at the altars of both churches, praying over their requests.

MacKenzie Goes Adventuring

We ended our day with the amazing Father Bill Petrie, who encouraged us to be fully present, engaged and faithful, wherever we find ourselves in life. We ended the day hearing about Queen Liliuokalani and her powerful hymn of forgiveness, even though she had been unjustly imprisoned in her own palace by the United States an injustice admitted to, but not corrected by government leaders.

It is a highlight each year - so moving and lovely. And just how adorable are these two keiki?

Mahalo for sharing your gift! Aloha is real.

They're the last resort

Our pilgrims here in Molokai have already experienced this spirit of kindness, welcome, hospitality and caring through so many. Aloha is, at its deepest sense, unconditional love and faithful affection. The word comes from two Hawaiian words that clarify its meaning. The HA is the breath of life. We could even call it the Holy Spirit.

ALO refers to t I affirm that you, too, have been created and animated by God, and are therefore worthy of dignity, respect and compassion. There are some people who live with intentional and abundant Aloha. They are filled with the spirit. They love all others deeply and compassionately.

Because of their love, they are filled with joy. The world needs more Aloha. Sometimes actions or moments can convey the meaning of Aloha better than mere words. RC was the first Dog I met on Molokai more than seven years ago. We have a special bond. He remembers me.

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And I certainly remember him. In this photo, RC is showing me true aloha. In that moment, I felt not only his breath, but also his tongue! I felt truly loved. I felt Aloha. Every person involved in our Molokai pilgrimage conveys the spirit of Aloha in ways that speak deeply to our souls. Take our van driver, DJ Pelekai, for example.

In addition to transporting us safely from one sacred site to another, DJ is an extraordinary practitioner of Hawaiian culture. He chants, sings, plays ukulele, teaches us how to make lei, conveys the spiritual meaning of Hawaiian words and, most of all, dances hula beautifully! It is always a blessing to be with DJ. We love you DJ and are so grateful God made you! During my first pilgrimage to Molokai seven years ago, I had such a profound experience walking in the steps of Father Damien that I felt called to share this experience with others. I heard about a Catholic Priest at St Damien of Molokai Church on the island who had worked with Mother Teresa in India for 25 years serving those afflicted with leprosy.

I knew I had to meet this special man.

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Since I never could get through to him at the church Oh how I love this man! Even though he is retired now and living at St. Bill always comes over to speak to our group. He is our first presenter each year, sharing his amazing story of faith, doubt, prayer, presence, perseverance, and love as we gather at the Kalaupapa Lookout. I am always amazed at the wonderful people God has brought into my life such as Father Bill, and the blessing it is to be able to share them with fellow pilgrims on the journey.

You never know what sort of Saint might be living just down the road. Hey Puritan fundamentalists out there - I love you but please take note! So stop being so crusty! Embrace the joys the Creator has given to us. The more we savor them, the more likely we are to share them! Now, that will preach. Can you find Surfing Jesus in the stained glass window? The Cathedral has a powerful history. Tonight at the Lewers Lounge in Honolulu brought back so many great memories of all the extraordinary musicians I had the privilege of meeting, hearing and working with in Hawaii. The meaning of life has been the query of humanity since ancient times.

What Is A Spiritual Path?

And still today we are no closer to knowing how to find our spiritual calling than they were! Our God Self holds the blue print and when we can be in alignment with our quiet center, it reveals itself to us. When you go beyond the outer quest for success and comfort and dive into the cavernous spaces within , you will find surest answers.

You are a being of light, sent here to reincarnate until you merge with the vibrations of love and forgiveness that are the true nature of the universe. Your life purpose — your dharma — is to walk this path as only you can. Finding your spiritual path is a life quest and not a weekend workshop. It requires honesty, integrity and a commitment to unearthing all that distracts you from Spirit.

Daunting, yes. And how the heck am I supposed to do that?

Dharma: 11 Steps to Find Your Spiritual Life Path

The blessings are myriad for once you find your dharma , bliss follows on its heels ensuring devotion and fulfillment. According to their teaching, it consists of three steps needed to align with spirit and effortlessly fulfill your life purpose. Once this decision is made to reunite and embody your God Self, the universe will conspire to help you. Even though we may not know how to find this sense of self, the prayer or request alone will draw this divine aspect closer to us.

Our essential nature is spiritual and it is the design that we all fulfill this unique expression and purpose. What conversations or activities excite you most? What are you better at than anyone else? When we work in these places of our brilliance , time disappears as we become completely one with the creation. Inherent in our dharma is a unique gift that serves humanity. Finding your true purpose innately invites the expression of your purpose. It is these skills which nurture you and the world. To save this life energy only for ourselves would burn us up from the inside out.

It is this emblazoned dharma which is to be shared that sustains our vital qi energy. Matt Kahn offers his own lesson on this in his video Serving the Cosmic Heart : Each day is an opportunity to be a being of light in service to the enlightenment of the planet. When we seek only to be of service rather than fulfilling our own agenda, everything will come to us naturally. Your gifts are not only yours but they are an intricate design within the global blueprint. We need you to fulfill your dharma.

It feels good to fulfill your dharma: it is your very reason for being.

Such a simplistic and beautiful design is not by accident. Yet our monkey minds complicate the heck out of the obviousness. Be gentle on yourself and in your honest moments, let life call you back to yourself. The enlightenment gleaned is invaluable to us all. The universe speaks to us in many ways but coincidental timing is the most profound. As if our timeline is matching up with that of the universe, synchronicities affirm our current place. No need for judgment or self chiding, these events find us and act as a balm of peace and acceptance for wherever we may find ourselves.

Passions and curiosities always point to your dharma. Follow these gentle urgings to bring you closer to the places of peace, passion and purpose. Sometimes we are reluctant to suppose there is great care and meaning in the way things are unfolding. The brain would much rather dismiss the significance than admit there are divine forces at work.

Connect the dots and acknowledge joyously proclaim! Ignore the logic and follow the cosmic clues to your dharma. Know when its time to cut your losses. We only have so much energy. Use that life force wisely and show the universe your dedication to your purpose and call the bliss of dharma to you. Spiritual growth is a spiral and the cautious planning of our task-master minds to achieve a goal may not jive with divine timing. The bigger lessons are offered in the journey to becoming. Dharma is not rational.

Spirit is not rational. The mind insists that they should be, but very rarely does any of the path to your true self make perfect sense. Go with the flow and trust the feelings more than the logic. Dharma lies in the spaces of your divine self. A commitment to your spiritual path exercised daily will support you while the journey unfolds.

Yoga , meditation, time in nature and even journaling are paths that nourish the spirit and feed your dharma. Look to the people you admire. They are representing aspects of you not yet manifested that will give clues to your dharma. While you may not have yet achieved what they have, recognizing the qualities of those to whom you venerate will be revealing.

Everything matters and nothing is significant. While we give devotion to this way of being, it can offer its own slippery predicaments.